Get the right POS solution for your business

NemPOS is a user-friendly and browser-based checkout system that works on most modern devices.

NemPOS gathers and automates your business activities and sales in one system. Our system integrates with other systems – e.g. e-conomic and NemTakeAway – that you may already use in your everyday life.

With a digital cash register system, it becomes easier to handle your accounting and optimize your business. You can automatically save and automate all your activities, transfer your cash report directly to your accounting program etc.

Choose between our three different subscription solutions.

NemPOS devices
NemPOS bonprinter

Hardware requirements

Your hardware needs depend on what hardware you already have and the POS system needs of your business.

With NemPOS, you can use the POS system on your own tablet or other devices. You can also buy a device from us for the system.

If you want to print receipts directly from the system, you need a printer and a print box.

We offer a selection of hardware.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about NemPOS.
We are happy to help you figure out the POS need of your business.

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Operational hours

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Operating support
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New requirements for digital cash registers

You may have heard that there will be new requirements for the use of digital cash registers in Denmark from January 2024.
The requirement for digital cash registers applies to certain industries and is intended to make it easier for the tax authorities to check companies for VAT and tax fraud.
NemPOS complies with all new legal requirements from 2024 and exchange sales data in SAF-T format, which stands for Standard Audit File For Tax.